We make booking your baby’s stay with us extremely easy.

5 easy steps that can all be taken care of onlivne in less than 15 minutes.

**Current clients ONLY require STEP 1 & STEP 4.


Request desired booking dates through our online booking portal here.

*(New clients require a quick registration)


Fill out and submit our online boarding form here.


Fill out and submit our online contract here.


Email your vaccination records here.


That’s it!  All you have to do is wait for a confirmation email/phone call to confirm your reservation.  If reserving during our peak/holiday season, we will contact you for deposit payment to guarantee your space.


In the meantime, please review our requirements/policies  and our F.A.Q. page for additional information prior to your arrival.


As always we do accept reservations the old fashion way.  Just call our facility at (956) 378-6076 and one of our friendly staff members will guide you on reservations and submitting required forms in person.


We require that your pet(s) be up to date on Rabies, Bordetella (Canine Cough), and Distemper/Parvo. We can only recognize Bordetella for 6 months. Your pet must have at least 2 rounds of Distemper/Parvo. All pets MUST have a current Rabies vaccine.



All food must be in an airtight container, a Ziploc bag or a Tupperware type container. Please feed your pet breakfast/dinner if you are dropping off after 8:30am in the morning or after 5:00pm in the evening.



All medications must be in the original prescription bottle with the correct dosage instructions. A supplement or over the counter medication must be in the original bottle as well. Medications not in the original bottle with the correct dosage cannot and will not be accepted.



You may bring up to two (2) toys, bigger than a tennis ball. No rawhides, pig ears or bully sticks. (They may splinter). You may bring one (1) blanket and one (1) bed. Preferably something that is easily washable in our washing machine. Shin bones, chicken jerky, greenies and dentastix are all ok to have.



All pets will be subject to a flea check when they come in the building, especially in the summer. If your pet is found to have fleas, we will administer a Capstar (at owner’s expense - $10) to your pet and give them a bath (at owner’s expense) if needed.




If your pet is found to need special handling instructions, such as a people aggressive animal, there will be a $5/night surcharge to the boarding rate. If your pet develops an issue during his/her boarding stay, you will be notified immediately so we may handle your pet accordingly.



At High-Happy Pet Resort we will do our very best to make your pet's stay with us a happy and comfortable experience. We will take care of your pet and their needs as if they were our own. But even with the best care, boarding can be stressful because your pet is in a new environment and its routines and habits are interrupted. At High-Happy Pet Resort we do our best to minimize stress by our loving and caring staff, attentiveness and proper handling, and strict cleanliness. Additionally, all boarding pets are current on required vaccinations, protecting your pet from sick pets.


Yet it is still possible for problems to occur despite all precautions we take. If any problem such as decreased appetite, loose stool or vomiting should occur, it will be detected by our attentive caregivers and we will notify you with the status of your pet’s current situation to take proper actions. If you cannot be reached, we will assess the situation accordingly and if emergency care is needed we will contact the veterinary doctor you provided on file. If problems develop and are persistent, and the doctor feels that treatment is necessary, you will be contacted by phone and any additional treatments will first be authorized. If we are unable to contact you and the doctor feels there are serious problems, your pet will be treated and normal fees will be charged. It is very important that you leave a contact number so we can reach you in an emergency or to pre-approve any potential treatments.


If you have any questions, please feel free to the following email address: or give us a call at (956) 378-6076.


** High-Happy Pet Resort reserves the right to update or make changes to policies and procedures as needed to maintain the best environment and provide the best care for our guests. Clients will ALWAYS be notified of any changes when they occur.


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