Premier Pet Boarding

We offer extremely comfortable overnight accommodations that is sure to keep your baby happy in the time of your absence.  Additionally, you can rest easy knowing that your baby won’t be confined to his/her living quarters all day long either.   Unlike other “boarding/veterinary” locations, we do not leave your loved ones confined to a “cage” all day and night.  We have a minimum of four daily scheduled outdoor walks on top of the daily daycare activities conducted throughout the week.  We are proud to have set the standard high and gain the reputation we have earned.


We never discriminate on the size and weight of your loved ones.  Therefore, we base our fees depending on the size of the accommodation you want your loved ones to sleep in.  We offer 3x3 Lofts, 3x6 Suites, 6x4 Suites, and 10x4 Villas.  Our services and hours of operation vary by season and are categorized by OFF-PEAK, PEAK, & HOLIDAY rates.  Please check our calendar by clicking on the hours page to best accommodate and plan your desired dates.


Ready to leave your baby in the hands of our professionals??  Our reservation process is easy.  Just click on the reservation tab at the top of our website and follow the step-by-step directions.  After requesting a quote on our online reservation portal you will be guided to the forms and required vaccination records needed for your baby’s stay.

Find the boarding check list here,

the boarding form here,

and the boarding contract here.

Doggie Daycare

Do you ever wonder why your baby started chewing on your couch or developing unwanted bad behavior??  More than likely it’s because of boredom due to the lack of attention from their parents while gone at work.  This is when our Doggie Daycare service comes in handy for those parents that leave their loved ones alone at home all day.  It is designed to stimulate the natural drives every fur baby possesses.


Our highly trained staff members coordinate games that bring out the prey and retrieve drives inside a safe climate controlled environment.  We schedule many doggie daycare activities throughout the day.


These activities are designed to increase self-confidence, gain the ability to socialize in group play, and get some much needed exercise for a healthy lifestyle.  Daycare is offered a-la-carte in half-day and full-day segments or purchase daycare packages at a discounted rate.

Read the rules for doggie day care here.

Self-Serve Dog Wash

Besides providing exclusive boarding and unsurpassed daycare services, we are proud to introduce our self-serve dog wash system.  Our facility is equipped with an easy to use tub and bathing system that makes cleaning your fur baby a breeze.  DIY grooming is a growing trend and we are excited to provide this cost effective alternative to our clients.  We are one of the first facilities to provide a fun environment with all the tools needed to bathe and pamper your baby for a nominal fee.

Read the rules for self serve dog wash here.

visit our unique

self wash station

you will love it!

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